Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are a great option for homes or properties with restricted space, where a swinging gate would impede on pedestrians outside or wouldn’t have room to open in your driveway and fit cars, or there are trees, rocks or other landscaping features in the way. Although sliding gates may require a little more maintenance than regular swing gates if your sliding gate is installed properly and of premium quality like ours, maintenance won’t be required.

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Types of Aluminium Sliding Gates

Like any gate or fence you see from home to home, business to business they come in all shapes and sizes, and that isn’t any different with aluminum sliding gates. You can easily find a gate that suits your properties style, landscape or the area your property is located.

Slat Size and Orientation

Aluminium sliding gates like any other gate differ in slat size, being the panels which may run vertical or horizontal. For a more modern look, you may choose wide slats with minimal spacing. Also, when it comes to spacing, depending if your sliding gate is for aesthetics or purely security having gaps in your gate is allowing space for others to look in.


An excellent way to combat space within slats while not sacrificing air flow. The perfect answer to that is a gate style called “louvre” which imitates a three-quarter closed Venetian blind. Allowing air to pass without compromising your home or businesses security. Other styles include parallel slats, pickets, and thin geometrical panels to name a few.


Think of the rainbow, aluminium gates can be ordered in a range of colours, and if for some reason the colour you need is not available we can easily paint it for you. Now all you have to do is decide on what colour!

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Our Services

Custom Design

We can custom design sliding doors to suit any properties style, opening requirement, and height. We listen to your needs, may it be the space you want or need for the sliding gate to open or stop or the height you want may it be to keep the unwanted out or to be able to say hello to those walking past. Whatever your wants and needs are we will do our best to provide a practical and stylish gate which is perfect for you and your property.


We will install our custom designed or ordered sliding gate to your home and make sure it works effortlessly and meets your purpose. We will conduct trials and tests making sure if it is a driveway that indeed opens to the length it should and easily glides over its tracks.

Repairs and Replacements

We also repair existing sliding doors, may it be the tracks that need oiling or replaced due to rust, aluminium panels or broken slats need replacing, or maybe your sliding gate needs a little touch up to make sure it lasts the harsh at times Australian climate.

To make an appointment to talk to one of our experienced technicians on getting a sliding gate for your property contact us today on 0428 454 651.

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