Glass Pool Fencing

Aluminium Plus WA has been installing glass pool fences over 30 years in the Mandurah, Rockingham, Baldivis and Pinjarra area. Our pool fences come in a range of fittings with a range of pool gate latches. All our glass pool fencing is made using premium glass and fittings meaning it won’t require repairing or replacing for the lifetime of your pool.

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Why choose glass pool fencing?

Glass pool fences give a modern and sleek look and do not obstruct the view of your pool, allowing you to enjoy and admire your indoor or outdoor pool from afar. With the option of glass fencing with a frame or frameless and the colours and textures that are available, you will find an option to suit the décor of your home or business.

Durability: Glass fencing is strong, whether you choose a glass fence with or without a frame, your fence will be durable and is made with superior safety glass. In an improbable event that the glass was to break your kids, family, friends and everyone else who is using or is nearby pool will be safe and sound without the possibility of jagged glass falling.

Low maintenance: All you need to do is give the glass a polish every now and again. Unlike painted metal, timber or concrete fencing you won’t need to replace, paint or seal your glass fence ever in its long lifetime.

Safety: Not only will it not break into jagged parts, glass pool fencing allows you to check who is in your pool. The peace of mind that comes with clear visibility of what your your pets or children are doing in your pool is invaluable. For children, glass fencing is extremely hard to climb, with no foot holds or places to grab to climb up. Meaning apart from ensuring the gate is closed you will have peace of mind that your little ones will be safe.

Pool Fencing Safety Requirements

In May 2016 changes were made regarding the safety requirements of pool fencing in WA. At Aluminium Plus WA all our glass pool fences are installed to comply with the requirements for pool fencing under the building code meeting the AS 1926.1:2012 and 1926.2:2007 regarding the strength, height, location and fence latches.

Our Glass Pool Fencing Services

We custom design and install pool fencing to meet your pool's requirements, no matter how small or large or how intricate the fence shape. We install both residential and commercial pool fences may it be with or without frames, curved, textured or coloured.

Repairs for your pool fencing are a breeze for our team of qualified technicians. Our team will go to your home or business to improve or strengthen your existing glass pool fence may it be cracks, breaks or rusted fittings.

We can also assist in compliance upgrades. At Aluminium Plus WA we are certified to upgrade your pool fence by installing approved safety latches, hinges and replacing rusted or outdated frames to get your pool fence compliant and safe for everyone to use.

Lastly, we perform replacement pool fencing services, and we can order and install panel replacements for existing glass pool fences without the need to replace a complete fence.

Contact Us now on 0428 454 651 to make an appointment or to find out more about our pool fencing installation, repairs and replacement services today!

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