Glass Balustrading

By definition, a balustrade is a support which forms a safety barrier of some sort, like fencing. And when you add glass, it is a glass barrier which is supported by a metal framework. Glass balustrades have become more popular in residential and commercial properties as they allow a sleek and timeless appearance while allowing residents, employees or clients to be able to admire the outside or create an effect of space. Over the years Aluminium Plus WA has installed glass balustrades of all shapes and sizes throughout the Mandurah, Rockingham, Baldivis and Pinjarra area to clients both big and small.

Some of the most popular uses of glass balustrades are:

Staircases, which form somewhat an optical illusion with the staircases appearing to be floating. A great option to maximise the space you have even if it is an illusion.

Balconies, apart from allowing you to see your outdoor area, no matter if it is an open ocean or the main road it also provides the appearance of space or freedom that a solid balcony barrier cannot achieve.

Pool Fences, why hide your pool with a solid barrier? Glass balustrades used for pool fencing need to comply with safety regulations without compromising the view of your pool and those swimming.

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Benefits of Glass Balustrading

Design: Glass balustrades create a sleek, timeless and not to mention flawless look that will never go out of fashion. Also, you can customise or personalise the colour and texture to suit the décor of your home or property or for your personal preference of company branding.

Low maintenance and durability: The glass can be easily polished and unlike cement, timber or brick fences, balconies or stairs maintenance is virtually zero. No matter the weather, the rain won’t erode your glass balustrade. And the marine grade aluminium will not degrade for years to come!

Safety: Not only are they durable and low maintenance, but glass balustrades are strong and designed if in the extreme event of a break the glass will not injure with its safety glass makeup may it be tempered or laminated. Giving you peace of mind that your kids, family, employees or clients will be safe no matter what.

Types of Glass balustrades:

Tempered glass which shatters into small blocks as you might see when a glass door or glass window in a public area is smashed. Breaking into small blocks reduced the chance of injury when the glass breaks instead of jagged pieces.

Laminated glass is made up of two outer glass layers which are bonded to resign so when it cracks or breaks it is held together instead of shattering into little pieces. Laminated glass is commonly used in car windscreens, shop fronts, sliding doors and shower cubicles and they may seem to look like a bent glass sheet where you can see the shattered glass, but it is encased.

Structural Glass is used to describe a range of frameless glass panels which are designed to have the strength to withstand weight and impact without the need of frames.

Glass Balustrades come with many more options than glass types. Options include textured, solid, curved and opaque glass to suit your preference your home or property style. Opaque glass comes with the added privacy while allowing light to pass through perfect for balconies and windows.

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Glass Balustrading Services

We order and install new glass balustrades. Our team will visit your home or business and listen to your needs and wants before providing our expert advice on the type of glass balustrade that is best for you. We can order and install glass balustrades of any colour and texture for any pool, staircase or fence of any size big or small.

We also offer a repair and replace service for all glass balustrades. Whether it be commercial or residential we will inspect your balustrades and assess its strength before repairing or replacing sections of your balustrade to ensure it is safe and strong now and for years to come.


Glass Balustrading Enquiries

To organise an appointment or to find out more about the installation, repair or replacement of glass balustrades in your residential or commercial property call us now on 0428 454 651.

We also offer a 24/7 emergency response service, for when you need us most, may it be a stair case, balcony or fence we will come to you as soon as possible and get your home or business repaired sooner rather than later.

Aluminium Plus WA services the Mandurah, Rockingham, Baldivis, Pinjarra areas.