Aluminium Gates

Gates serve the purpose of restricting passage to areas, may they be for safety reason, keeping the dog inside or the kids out of the pool or for security reasons keeping your cars safe in the driveway or your home or business safe.

Whether your gate is for safety or security reasons or both it is important that you find a strong, well fit and durable gate that won’t be affected by the weather or by simple wear and tear.

This is why Aluminium gates have become a popular choice, not only are they made with industrial grade aluminum (ours are!) they are designed to withstand the elements without decaying or falling victim to pests. Meaning your Aluminium gate will not only protect you and your property effectively, but it will continue to do so for many years to come.

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aluminium gates mandurah

Types of Aluminium Gates

The options are well and truly endless when it comes to Aluminium gates whether you need a new gate to match your fence or you want to try something new. There are plenty options for you.

Aluminium gates come in a range of designs you may want an aluminum frame only, which can be hidden or look like a picture frame which is well suited to particularly timber or rendered fencing.

If you are choosing a complete aluminum fence, you have a never-ending choice of shapes and patterns not to mention colours.

Some modern styles of Aluminium gates include:

  •    Wide vertical flat panels with small gaps
  •    Thin curved panels both horizontal and vertical
  •    Louvre style gates (imagine half closed Venetian blinds), and
  •    No gap gates for complete privacy (panels) and much more.

Opening System

The most popular and traditional opening system for a gate is a single swinging gate, which would resemble most hinged doors. However, there are more options out there, Aluminium gates can come in double swinging gates, bi-fold gates or sliding gates.

Now don’t get overwhelmed by all the options and possibilities that come with Aluminium Gates, you don’t have to make this decision all on your own. We are here to listen to your wants and needs and put forward the options we think are best for you.

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Custom Design

We will measure and custom design an Aluminium gate that will complement your home or business, an existing fence or a style of a gate that you have always wanted. We will measure your gate requirements and customise your preferred vertical, horizontal, paneled or solid gate to fit perfectly in place. No matter how big or small the gate, may it be for a side walkway, driveway, front door or pool gate we will ensure you receive premium products built to last. In the past thirty years, we have custom designed gates for a range of commercial and residential properties throughout the Mandurah, Rockingham, Baldivis and Pinjarra areas of all styles, shapes, and colours. No style is out of limits!

Aluminium Gate Installation and Fitting

Once custom made or ordered we will come and fit your gate, test it and ensure you are happy with the final product. At the end of the day it will be you who will be using the gate for convenience, for safety or for security so we have to make sure its just right for you or your property.

For pool gates, we will ensure that your chosen style of gate meets the compliance requirements for pool safety including heights, strength, thickness and latches.

Repairs and Replacement for your Aluminium Gates

If you have an existing gate that has rusted, has broken hinges or needs a little tender loving care we can do that too. Where possible we will repair your current gate, however, depending on its strength and security needs we may decide on replacing parts or recommend replacing the gate entirely.

Aluminium Gate Enquiries

Let us help you find the perfect gate for your home or business. Contact us today on 0428 454 651 to make an appointment or to find out more about our aluminium gate design, installation and repair services.